Best WW2 airplanes

I wanted to do something pleasant to a nice person and made a calendar for his 60th anniversary. The man was fond of aviation and used to fly only by Aeroflot. However, he was not only interested in flights but in the technical side of the matter: the structure of a plane, characteristics, the history of the creation, etc. Besides, he takes interest only in piston aircraft and, of course, such vivid page of their history as participation in the World War II. The anniversary celebrant read a lot of different literature concerning the subject: starting with technical descriptions and finishing with memoirs. It was quite difficult to surprise him in this sphere.

In the process of work I came across the cover of the December issue of Life magazine, 1941. The four-engined bomber took all possible space of the front page of the magazine. Both the photo and the title below “Air Power” obviously wanted to send a message to ordinary Americans that the USA get engage in war not empty-handed. The picture matched the calendar ideally with its commonplace view of the subject. I decided to select something of the kind for 12 planes, one for each month. There were not only magazine covers, but film posters and placards as well.

From the very start I knew that I-16 would come first, once an excellent aircraft, but substantially outdated by the beginning of the World War II. I intended to place Messerschmitt “Swallow” the last as the symbol of the end of the piston aircraft era. In between these covers there were Top 10 airplanes of the Second World War. During the selection I relied upon the opinion of different amateur flight simulation players.

There were 7 pages not demanding serious devepopment, all the other material I arranged piece by piece. In general I combined photoes of necessary aircraft with the elements from different magazines. For instance, the calendar cover displayed the photo from an avia festival.