Sometimes I do not make a site personally but a client does it himself under my guidance. This service is required in the following cases:

  • the website is requested quickly;
  • the budget is limited and the site needs a decent presentation;
  • the client wishes to have his own comprehension of the process not to depend on developers and designers in future.

As a matter of fact, the website development does not require any special knowledge of programming. Sometimes this process resembles that of construction kit for kids. You just need to know where to take initial materials and and how to put them together properly. It is what I tell the client and watch how he creates the site.

Here is one of such projects.

The hosting was chosen and ordered under my guidance, WordPress installed, theme selected and adjusted to the necessities of the project, required plugins were installed. I also showed where to take free legal images and taught how to use web application for image processing.

And, of course, I taught the client how to complete and service the website appropriately. We did it practically within a couple of evenings.

Quite shortly a client can get a website for an adequate amount that would be totally under his control as well as necessary knowledge for further work. Certainly such site would not present a unique design but what is “a unique design” in the context of such projects?

At the same time the client acquires valuable experience useful in future.