At that time I was working for an advertising agency in St.Petersburg. The agency had a few major clients providing us with work. However, not always there was enough work for all present designers. To make everybody busy sometimes the agency initiated calls to different companies proposing: “Let us do something for you and if you like it, you will pay us”. The agency also took part in various open tenders from time to time.

One of such tenders was announced by insurance company “Yugoria”. Calendar sets were required in A2 and pocket formats. We got together and distributed the task for a sketch between all free designers. The sketch was supposed to become the base for the whole series if the client chose it.

The work was in full swing. Being aware about the results of open tenders, especially of state companies, I decided just to enjoy the process. I had wished to do something in lubok manner for a long time and now it was the case. Cosmogonical ideas of Hunts and Mansi provided the basis for the plot. Thus appeared the ember with earth taken from the bottom of the sea. And the earth turned to be rich of natural resources – the financial base of prosperity of our client. Inspired by this simple idea I wrote a few easy rhymed texts and drew different characters under each text. They meant to be assembled all together in A2 format and pocket calenders were to hold just one.

I really enjoyed the work though our agency failed the tender.